Sharing Knowledge Techniques

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. - Confucius

One way to increase your knowledge quickly is to use a "group brain-dump". I use these to great effect with my corporate and even community clients.

The basic idea is that the knowledge of a group is better than that of even the best individual. This is because most problems are not solved with intellect, but through experience. Generally, one person's experience cannot match that of 20 people.

A simple way is to ask a question that needs a solution eg " How can we turn around our slow sales performance". Get the group to pair up or alone (if under 5 people) and write down 15-20 answers to this question.

Use a large whiteboard or several flip chart sheets to display the answers. After all the answers are down, hang them on one wall and have everyone read them through. Discuss every idea with an open mind, and make links between the ideas. This can be a high energy process as "Eureka!" breakthroughs are often made at this point.

Finally, pick up the top 3 ideas or idea-combinations and see if they can be developed into action plans.

Use this technique and you will be surprised at how productive and creative you can be in a short time. 2-3 hours is enough for even large "problems". Just make sure you have the people in the room who are responsible for carrying out the solution.

Warwick John Fahy is an international speaker, seminar leader, professional speech coach and expert in presentation skills, public speaking and communication skills. You can contact him for more information. This blog was first published on ecademy on 15 April 2005:



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