"I'm too Busy..to Learn."

"Have the dogged determination to follow through to achieve your goal; regardless of circumstances or whatever other people say, think, or do." -- Paul Meyer

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard "Yes, but I am too busy.." in China then Bill Gates would be my butler! Yes I do understand the pressures and commitments expected of modern young professionals and managers in today's globally competitive economy.

However, it seems that "busy" has adopted a new meaning. Perhaps if we changed "busy" to "lazy", then a difference perspective emerges. Now before you all write in to tell me how much workload you have and for me to say that you are lazy is a crime, let's stop and think. Ask yourself,

"Do I know what I really want in my life?"

"Am I allowing the pressures of work to dictate how I spend my time from morning to night?"

"Am I enjoying life? How many times a day do I smile and laugh?"

Important questions worth spending some time thinking about. So what should we do when we think we want to learn a new skill or behaviour but don't have the time.

What I say to people who ask me this question is that if you want to develop a skill, learn something, or change a behaviour; then there are certain "rules" to follow that facilitate success:

1. An open mind and willingness to take on new ideas.

2. An environment that encourages and speeds the change in a positive way.

3. A commitment of time and effort.

4. Continuous effort to reach these goals.

From what I see, people have good intentions and do want to learn - but they make the decision not to follow through. Perhaps they are too "busy".

Could you spend 2 hours a week chasing your desires, dreams or passions? . There are 168 hours in the week. How many hours do you spend watching TV? I have a motto called "Learn by doing". What experiences can you put yourself in to develop those new skills. Join a club, take a course, work for a charity.

If you are asking me "How can I improve my skill set without spending any time or putting in any effort" - then there is no way I can help.

The four points above are the bare minimum you need to learn a new skill. Think about how much time and effort you are putting into reaching your dream life.. Bottom line, you have to make your own priorities in life. Just remember that you are never too busy to live life as you want to live it.

Warwick John Fahy is an international speaker, seminar leader, professional speech coach and expert in presentation skills, public speaking and communication skills. You can contact him for more information.

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