How a Masters of Ceremonies (MC) makes your event run to plan..every time.

If you are an event, meeting or conference organizer, has this happened to you:

  • Event ran overtime
  • Guest speakers did not receive a complimentary, professional introduction.
  • Unexpected surprises broke up the flow of the event
  • Disruption from a member of the audience

ImageWould you like to guarantee:

  • Smooth running of your important public event
  • Less pressure on your meeting planners
  • Objective host or facilitator
  • On time finishes
  • Unexpected surprises are adjusted to with a sense of humour
  • A host who can quickly think on their feet

A Master of Ceremonies Role

Before the event:

  • Prior preparation with organizers on event purpose and the agenda.
  • Contact key speakers for speech introduction.
  • Identify special guests to be acknowledged at the event.

At the event:

  • Arrive early to finish any last minute details.
  • Ensure speakers have arrived.
  • Resolve any last minute changes.
  • Aim to start and end on time.

ImageWarwick is an experienced public speaker, event organizer and master of ceremonies.   He specializes in "Thinking on your Feet" and "Leading through Humour". He is available as a master of ceremonies (MC), or for public speaking engagements.

Being a successful Master of Ceremonies requires preparation, a friendly manner and ability to adjust to and "ad lib" as necessary to ensure a successful event. Every event has one unexpected situation, and as master of ceremonies he will ensure this does not disrupt the program, and may even enhance it.

Warwick has worked with a wide rage of multinationals, including financial, accounting and technology companies. He can be contacted through Redbank.

Warwick is available to help voluntary or charitable organizations on a pro bono basis.

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