"A 1 day intensive professional workshop on effective communication through better business writing"


This course will show you how to use CLARITY, BREVITY and IMPACT in your business writing.

  1. Clarity means being understood
  2. Brevity means getting to the point
  3. Impact means being persuasive


Format will be a one-day workshop based on learning, practice, coaching and feedback. There will be role-plays, group exercises and discussions to maximize learning.

The course is relevant for anyone concerned with communications. It is especially useful for senior executives, managers, sales and marketing professionals, technical specialists, financial analysts, public affairs officers, human resource and training professionals.

This course helps you to:

  1. Express what you are thinking to the reader
  2. Use a more natural modern business writing style
  3. Write clear and structured messages with the POWER outline
  4. Make sure the reader understands your main message
  5. Use templates to save time on routine business writing
  6. Increase proposal effectiveness through sharper message delivery.



Course Outline

Module 1: Thinking Structure & Writing Style

  • What is good business writing today?
  • Clear writing is clear thinking
  • Write with POWER


Module 2: Emails

  • Getting to the point
  • 3 part plans to focus communication
  • Good email language and style (informal / formal)
  • Quick email templates


Module 3: Letters

  • Choosing a suitable layout template
  • Choice of words
  • The hidden power of letter writing


Module 4: Minutes & Memos

  • Essential parts of Minutes
  • Tips for effective minute taking


Module 5: Proposal writing for sales professionals

  • Planning & Organising
  • Structure a proposal to obtain agreement
  • Showing advantages to the reader
  • Warning against disadvantages
  • Distinguishing benefits and features.


Training rates

Workshops are tailored to match the specific needs of each client. We are able to add extra modules for you depending on the needs of your participants.

All participants are provided with a workbook that covers the material trained.

Rates include a pre-workshop meeting with the client to design writing material relevant to your industry, company and participants.

A report is provided to the client at the end of the training advising ways to continue the professional development of the individual participants. This will include the workshop feedback report.


Book a course

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