Introduction to Social Style

All people fall into one of four Social Styles. Which style are you?

This half -day class covers the key concepts of Social Style and incorporates a self-assessment of your own Social Style and a new self-assessment of your versatility—the way you adapt to different types of situations and people.

Increase productivity, interpersonal effectiveness, and improve business relationships.

“The Introduction to Social Style class was a helpful and enjoyable way to improve how our team works together,” said Sara Goodwin, director, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, which had 17 people participate in the class. “Understanding Social Style helps us work more productively as a group and as individuals. The half-day format also suited our work schedule.”

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Selling to Achieve Results (STAR)

Enhance understanding of your customers to foster trust, increase influence and drive business!

STAR is a one- or two-day program that teaches the skills and concepts of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility related to selling. Participants complete online, multirater assessments to determine their Social Style Profiles. The feedback gathered from the individual and their clients provides an accurate understanding of how the person behaves in the customer's eyes and how to increase his or her interpersonal effectiveness.

“Selling to Achieve Results provided a great set of tools to use in actual sales situations. The examples made it easy to identify different SOCIAL STYLES and tailor my sales approach. Now I will be more conscious of Style, assessing how I can adapt to each customer.”— a recent STAR participant

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Use Social style to improve performance

Successful businesses are ultimately successful individuals and teams.

Rather than trying to eliminate individuality, savvy organizations recognize the value of these differences and equip their people to work productively with different people in a variety of situations. They encourage cooperation. As a result, organizations are more agile, innovative and productive. Their results show in employee commitment and business performance.

Social Style concepts have been successfully used to address a variety of business problems and support strategic initiatives including:

  • Corporate culture alignment
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Six Sigma and quality programs
  • Leadership and succession programs
  • Downsizing
  • Employee retention

Social Style training develops skills that can be immediately applied in all business settings. The experience is highly personal and participants immediately put their new skills to productive use at work and in their daily lives.

For more on how Social Styles can help you, read this file


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